Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Noah Group - Further Comment

No scathing comments. Perhaps my more literalist readers are just polite.

It does occur to me that I started in the wrong place. You play deity for awhile. You have a group of people who don't write, and you want them to remember what you've taught them over a few thousand years of history. How are you going to do it? You could, I suppose, insist they remember series of battles with Amalekites, Canaanites, and Assyrians. Like that worked so well even with written aids later?

You'd steer them nightly toward what we see in Genesis.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, Genesis ... and now for "mitochondrial Eve" 200k yrs ago - most likely out of Africa (talk about *the* Exodus):

Cheers, Tom

Jerub-Baal said...


Why do I always come to these threads a day late?

OK, for continuities sake, I'm posting my comment on the original thread.