Saturday, February 23, 2008

Check Your Freezer

Following the death of her mother, my wife has intended to make dinners for her father using the food from the freezer on their porch. Tracy's mother went through very lean times when young, and always had great quantities of food stored around the house once she could afford it.

But chicken thighs marked "Sell by 7-18-96" are a bit much.

Note to Doug, who reads this blog: Your grandfather is not going to read the date on anything. Ever. Tracy will be down Monday and throw stuff out, but you might want to examine everything there closely before eating it.


Larry Sheldon said...

Interesting. Wife and in the last two hours completed the monthly search and destroy mission through the upstairs refrigerator-freezer, downstairs refrigerator-freezer and freezer.

Only found one item we could not identify, and half a dozen or so items deemed too old.

Not bad for us.

When my middlest daughter moved into the house she bought from an elderly lady that had lived in for a long time, daughter found a freezer completely filled with frost, in which there were objects that no doubt been food at some time.

My parents were Depression people and I remember times tough enough in my childhood that I understand what they were doing.

My parents hoarded all manner of stuff--we still have enough Agree shampoo to last a very long time. (We hate the stuff--daughters three and wife and I--we use it for degreasing garage-floors, BBQ grills and such.)

Larry Sheldon said...

And I wish I had said "my condolences" first.

Anonymous said...

Too late, my dad went through the freezer today (Sunday). Oldest thing he found was from 2002. Which is good, considering when they bought the new freezer and cleaned the old one out, the found some ground beef that had cost 19 cents per pound.

He kept trying to take food home saying "I don't think pop will eat that." But I got him to put some back because he will.