Sunday, February 10, 2008

Another McCain Thought

In moaning about American elections, I remembered the Romanian election of 2000 and blessed the ground we walk on here. That election was between the ultranationalist bigot Corneliu Vadim Tudor and the communist Ion Iliescu. I should point out that these guys deserve those descriptions, unlike the American politicians we accuse of such extremity.

That in turn led me to browse around the political parties of the world. Portions of the libertarian Right are deeply suspicious of John McCain's candidacy - which is fine, and they should speak up all they want. But they also put forth the argument that it is not only reasonable to just stay home, but the only moral choice for a principled conservative. So I ask them: in what country is there a party for which you would you rather be voting, where you would have less compromise and still have some chance of winning?

I'll go further: you can move out of the present for your selection if you like.

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