Saturday, September 29, 2007

When The Dust Settles

As before, when we wait for all the cards to play out, the accusations don't look quite the same. From The Corner:
On Appeal, Ememy Combatant Omar Khadr's Military Commission Reinstated [Andy McCarthy]

I've been out of pocket for a couple of days, but I'm glad to say I told you so on this one. Earlier this week, a military appeals court reinstated the commission trial against against alien enemy combatant Omar Khadr, murderer of an American soldier. The case had been thrown out by a military judge in a decision which, though preposterous, was cheered by military commission critics. As the Wall Street Journal editorialized yesterday, you may not have heard about it since, "in the media's current terror narrative, it's only worth celebrating when the Bush Administration's judicial rules are overturned."


Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear Assistant VI or the 'Id', like Forbidden Planet!

First my apologies for neglecting to put your damn fine post on my 'Groovy and swingin' links' column. Well, ya damn well there now. And thank you for the congrats. I thought, 'ere Pete? What's 'Instalanche' mean?

Oh, what a sheltered schoolgirl I've been! Yes, imagine every Islamist and Mohammed freak getting access to the Western judicial system and,...Manhattan lawyers! Gotta work,...for the Global Caliphate!

Er, no. Assisted suicide is for their dysfunctional culture, not ours. And no thanks given to the Prez Bush for this?

Whoever suggests such absurdo bizzaro bunkum should do it pro-bono or pay all the legal fees. That should cut this advocacy down to zero.

All the best sports and you're welcome anytime at my shabby blog.

Anonymous said...

Nice to know Andy knows he's guilty BEFORE the trial. These trials are very above board.

Anonymous said...

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