Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Post 1000

I haven't linked to Ben in awhile. The honor of Post 1000 goes to my son Ben's films at the YouTube site for The Loft. There are several series (The Office, Arthur the Intern), which I recommend seeing in order.

For those who follow this irregularly, Ben graduated from Asbury about a year-and-a-half ago, and has been making films for the enormous The Woodlands United Methodist Church north of Houston for about a year. When he told us he wanted to be a filmmaker, my first thought, coming from an older generation, was "Ah, you want to be poor for the rest of your life. Alright then, suffer for your art if you must. Sorry for any part I had in this madness." But here he is with full-time work and everything. It's a new world, innit?


Ben Wyman said...

Chris keeps pointing out, excessively, how he's going to be making more than you, me, JA, and Jonathan when he's out in the workforce. I keep pointing out that:

a) We're all doing what we like (alright, minus JA)
b) He may have a very bright financial future in front of him, but he's not making jack right now and I'm buying all the groceries

Anonymous said...

So, if Chris is going to be so rich, why aren't you charging him options on his future earnings now while he is beholding to you for survival? See,you should have picked up a business course or two back there at Asbury.