Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Wikipedia Bias?

The web commentary today is that while conservatives hold their own on certain parts of the web, the internet in general tends leftward and will become more so. The evidence is that Google News favors stories slightly left, and Wikipedia editors include some far-left people.

It hasn't seemed that way to me. When I have read wikipedia articles, I have at times thought "hmm, conservatives might call that point slightly buried," or "I'm not sure I'd give so much space to fringe-left views, even if you're providing a counter-view," but this has been rare, and mild. I would certainly agree that wikipedia does not lean rightward, but if there is a leftward tilt, it isn't strong. I suppose if I start running into articles where I feel the dice are weighted I might have increased suspicion on other articles. Whatever their personal feelings are on the matter, the wiki writers have done well by me so far.

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Woody said...

Recently, I looked up James G. Watt, who was Secretary of the Interior under Reagan, and the basic information was short but contained lengthy commentary criticizing Bush's environmental policies and only linked that attack with the article by saying that Bush was like Watt. To their credit, this information is now moved to the "Discussion" tab under the heading of NPOV. It was just another underhanded lefty trying to sneak one in, as they regularly do.