Tuesday, July 11, 2006

That Religious Left That Doesn't Exist - Again

Under the middle-to-highbrow section on the sidebar of this blog is The Social Affairs Unit, a British site that has thoughtful conservative and centrist commenters on the events of the times.

This article, just up, discusses the letter from 20 Bishops to a UK newspaper on the incompatibility of owning nuclear weapons and Christianity.


katje said...

You're right, AVI, that's a good site.

In reading that letter: What a load of tripe! I'm surprised that the laity of the C of E haven't risen up and chucked these, and all the other buggers who would rather be politicians, out on their bums!

My first reaction upon reading the letter was: wait a minute - I've been reading these stories an awful lot lately, aren't these guys supposed to be running and taking care of an entire church?!

So many church leaders, politicians, celebrities and other well-known people would get their points across so much more clearly if they would just do, and show by example, rather than drive us to distraction by their endless whining and exhortations to adopt their points of view because they are so much better than are we.

(You'd never have guessed this is something of a trigger issue for me would you? ;)

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Wait til you see what's coming. A series.