Saturday, July 01, 2006

Peter, Paul, and Ingrate

Via Shrinkwrapped. Can we at least hope this is an urban legend, or an exaggeration?

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katje said...

I sent this through Snopes and didn't come up with anything - could it be that someone just hasn't put it up yet? I really sincerely hope so, although given the person in question, the attitude in question is no great stretch. I read this on Coalition of the Swilling, and commented on it - what really galls me is the sense of entitlement, and the utter lack of gratitude. Only a true saint wouldn't have regretted that bone marrow.

Also: Thank you very much for the kind words! I was delighted to see that you'd taken a look at my site, and as soon as I can figure this whole html thing out (I'm teaching myself - ugh!), I would like to list you as a link, if you don't mind. Katje