Thursday, January 19, 2006

Perfect Solution

From Clayton Cramer's site, via Instapundit, comes the news that France is announcing its willingness to use its nuclear arsenal against terrorist states.

It seems a perfect solution to me. France gets to show they do too matter. The rest of Europe and America express deep regret but do nothing. Iran gets a hand cut off. The nutcase jihadists have someone new to be upset at, but don't dare take their eyes off their American/British/Australian foes. When there's rioting outside of Paris, this time the French put it down in the same way they do in their colonies. Moderate Muslims pause to consider that maybe things have gotten too crazy. The Russians, French, and Chinese angle for the proper way to corruptly divvy up Iran's oil money. American and Western European leftists burst from contradiction.

I must be missing some downside here. Work with me.


Anonymous said...

Just maybe .. french are realizing past mistakes

Anonymous said...

I have trouble thinking of the French being anything but bombastic. Hearty words, weak action, white flag waving in the end. I wonder if Chirac realizes that his "boasting" is likely to bring a few roaches out of the woodwork to test his (and France's) mettle?

I'm hoping you are right though!