Thursday, January 05, 2006

Liberal Ghost Dance

The descent of respectable liberalism (think Hubert Humphrey. Heck, think Joe Lieberman) into a crisis cult is hypothesised at One Cosmos


who, me? said...

Love your input over there. And not only do the ideas you referenced not work, some of their proponents demonstrably are poopyheads!

Anonymous said...

There is a concise but accessible discussion by OneCosmos of this subject at Shrinkwrapped (Who are they)(referring to 'liberals'). Please see the comments dated 1/12/06.

As you, AVI, having lived through Kennedy and Humphrey, I still fail to see why we have the present political landscape. There are few civilized choices. I am both amazed and disgusted.

------(excerpt from onecosmos)
No classical liberal would ever agree to government enforced racism, categorizing people by group, campus speech codes, confiscatory taxes, stifling government regulation. Nor would a liberal condone the attacks on religion, as classical liberals always understood the importance of a virtuous populace. Liberals always equally emphasized responsibilities and obligations with rights and entitlements, and were not naive about the propensity for human evil.