Saturday, September 07, 2019

Religious Left

Reading back through my posts in the Good Olde Days of 2005-2007, I ran across several railing against the idea that few acknowledged that there is a Religious Left that involves itself in politics and claims to speak for Jesus.  We heard about the Religious Right endlessly for decades - still do - but the very idea there was a religious left was dismissed out of hand as fevered and conspiratorial.  I had forgotten it was even an issue.  I spent a fair bit of energy making my point, as in When I Say "Religious Left..." You might find it fun to read for it's historical value.

But no one doubts it now, do they? Maybe it was my brilliant arguing at the time that turned the tide, eh?

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David Foster said...

A very high % of the churches in this area have signs out front asserting some "progressive" talking point. This is especially true in the locations with high-income demographics.

In traveling around many parts of the country, I have seen precisely one church that had a sign offering support for those Christians who are being murdered in various other countries. That was in Athens, Georgia.