Sunday, September 15, 2019

Highest Page Views #36-40, Minus One

One deserves a full treatment.

Chagall Windows - Zurich.  Just because I like them. Saw them in 2001. March 2010

Grammar Rule - An example to illustrate a principle of correct usage.  It is the type of principle that people who like grammar questions disagree with.  But they are wrong. October 2011

Chinese Christians - Links to an essay in First Things. Christians under duress can see things we overlook, and remind us of lessons we learn but keep forgetting. July 2016

Bottom Line. In praise of negative voting, and why certain actions of important Democrats would be a record of dishonesty hard for Trump to exceed. Once you know they have laughingly admitted lying, and lying often, and defending lying, how do you go on believing their next statements? February 2017.

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