Saturday, September 21, 2019

Most-Visited Posts #31-35

The numbering is not going to match up exactly going forward,as there were two that were still rising when I made the list, and they have crashed the Top 40.  I am stuffing them in wherever I think best. So the titular top 40 area actually 42 posts.

What Tolkien Disliked About Narnia.  Apparently I don't remember everything I've written, because as I reread I twice thought "I like that point.  I don't recall ever seeing that before.  Oh wait, I wrote it."  I could add to it now that I have read Bandersnatch, but it stands well enough on its own. August 2017

Women At War, in which Texan99 in the comments has the excellent summary line "They're ants and we're people." August 2018

Jonathan Haidt. I have a number of posts about Haidt, which you can access via the search function, I suppose.  This one has more hits, and I am content to let it stand for all.  I got pushback in the comments, and think I answered well.  My promise to keep that writer as a bad example because of his use of the word "droll" I have kept.  I remembered it and have used it a couple of times. Droll. Really. December 2012

Songs My Parents Taught Me. My mother taught me many decent songs as well.  Just sayin'. January 2012.

The Fellowship of the Saints.  The principle, not the book. April 2017.


james said...

You've read Fellowship of the Saints? Kepler's book seems to be well-thought-of, but apparently not so much so as to induce the publisher to reprint it. $102 at Amazon

Assistant Village Idiot said...

I have read about it, I have not read it.