Thursday, July 19, 2012

Penn State

Everyone talks in terms of punishment for the institution, and thus gets hung up on the fact that the current students do not deserve that.  As a Christian, I think in terms of restoration instead.  Penn State has shown it cannot discipline itself sufficiently to be a university with a football team without that team poisoning the administration.  The temptation has been beyond them.

Therefore they should not have a team for a few years, and then start again.  The noises from booster and alumni groups, flapping like butterflies on pins and insisting that no one there now should receive any consequation, and everyone should just move on, provide evidence for my point.

They can't handle it.  They should voluntary give up this drug.


Wyman said...

The "death penalty" that people talk about would actually do just that - it closes a program, but not forever, for a preset amount of time that the NCAA sets. So they could "kill" the program for two years, then allow Penn State to re-enter its conference.

Sam L. said...

Yea, verily!

Texan99 said...

I'll never understand how football teams become the tail wagging the dog. How did they integrate themselves so thoroughly into colleges in the first place, let alone get the power to make the whole university put up with child molesting just to keep the football guru happy? I mean, I understand that others like sports even if they leave me cold, but what's the special connection to institutions of higher learning?

Dubbahdee said...

For a second there I forgot that I wasn't on Facebook...I went looking for the "like" button.


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