Thursday, July 05, 2012

ABBA and Sex Education

These costumes are deeply reminiscent of the sex-education pamphlets my mother used to leave around the house, because she was too embarrassed to say anything.

Yeah, yeah, I mean Anni-Frid and Agnetha's costumes.  Four seconds later, I have no idea what Benny and Bjorn were wearing.

Those pamphlets tipped me off that I could learn what I needed at the public library, BTW. Did you know that in the 1960's, any menstrual cycle between 21-35 days was considered WNL,requiring no medical intervention? And that the average age of menarche was 12.7 years? I knew that stuff. I knew what Bartholin's Glands were. It turned out to be not at all useful in persuading high school girls that heavy petting was entirely respectable behavior in the modern age.

My cousin's mother was a nurse, which I thought would be a much more comfortable situation. Not so. He was given quizzes on the material, which he found humiliating.


Sam L. said...

You've hit whichever it is of my glands! ABBA BABES. Yowza!

Sam L. said...

And the brunette's face convinces me she knows exactly what she's doing to all the guys watching.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

The brunette? The brunette? Do your research, man. Learn the names. No slackers here.

Gringo said...

The brunette? The brunette? Do your research, man. Learn the names. No slackers here.

Which brings me to my ONE GREAT BIG UNANSWERED ABBA QUESTION.Regarding Ani-Frida[Frida]: the question isn’t does she or doesn’t she [dye her hair], the question is WHEN. Which is her real color: ABBA brunette or dowager dirty blonde? Myself, I prefer dirty blonde.

Discussion of sex ed reminds me of a Saturday trip my 8th grade class took to a planetarium/science museum in Boston. Or Cambridge. At the end of the day we were shown a sex ed film.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

BTW, the Planetarium show at the Boston Museum of Science? That's my brother Scott's work. And all the other high-end planetariums (not planetaria. When a word fully establishes in English before the need for a plural becomes common, it takes the English plural, not the Latin) in the world are partly his as well, at Sky-Skan. Cool, eh?

Mike said...

criticize their cloths all you want but it's these musicians who dress in extreme ways which changes fashion.