Monday, July 30, 2012


Should now be renamed Morenoism, or perhaps Meninoism.

The more recent comments are in fact, much worse than anything Joe McCarthy put forward.  Tailgunner Joe was focused on purported communists in sensitive government positions such as the State Department, but the strategic importance of sandwich-making has yet to be elucidated to my satisfaction.  McCarthy seems to have been content to let pinkos sell all the sandwiches they wanted. Proco and Thomas have also been treated to a lifetime of propaganda reminding them that McCarthyism was the worst thing* that ever happened to the world. Occupying a similar spot in the American free-speech mythos is the importance of the ACLU's defense of a Nazi group's right to march in Skokie. (Though even they have come down a bit in the world.  The ACLU agrees this is a clear freedom-of-expression case, yet feels compelled to go out of its way to mention that they disagree with Dan Cathy.)

"I don't agree with what you say, but I'll defend to the death the right of people to shut you up."  Or something.  It should not be just the people who agree with Dan Cathy who make it a point to go to Chick-fil-A.  It should be a point of honor for anyone who believes in the First Amendment to at least make a public statement, preferably in person, of support.  If you don't want to give him your money, I understand.  But this is as fundamentally American an issue as one could dream up.  Can a PETA member open a vegetarian restaurant and announce his beliefs?  Can the Nation of Islam open a restaurant in Chicago and mention who they are?

*100,000,000 dead versus Pete Seeger doesn't get to go on TV.  I'll admit, it's a tough call.


Texan99 said...

Yeah, but the objection to Communists was merely practical. This is about hate. And we hate haters with a burning hatred that brooks no compromise.

james said...

And heretics are worse than infidels. Farrakhans are merely infidels. Cathy ought to be "one of us" but deviates from true doctrine, and is therefore a wicked heretic. And we know what ought to be done with a heretic who refuses to repent, both for the safety of the souls of those he might mislead and to encourage surviving heretics to repent. (Those that do repent get to spend the rest of their lives repenting quietly.)

Sam L. said...

The oh-so-tolerant Left!

And Kremlin documents show that Joe was right, in essence.

Donna B. said...

I've been traveling and the publicity Chik Fil A has been getting prompted me to eat there Monday afternoon about 2 pm.

It was the typical interstate cluster of fast food joints and gas stations -- Chik Fil A was the furthest from the interstate, just past the KFC. All the others had a few cars in their lots. I had to drive all the way around Chik Fil A's much larger lot and there were only 4 open spaces.

Right after I pulled in a bus load of pre-teens headed to a church camp drove in.

I'd been to one only once before -- a much busier one right at lunch time with my grandchildren. Both times were a controlled chaos that was fun to watch. Both times the service was amazing also. When was the last time you got actual service -- refills brought to your table, your tray and trash removed for you, staff holding the door open as you leave, etc., at a fast food place?

With so many children there, I was surprised that the noise level wasn't deafening. I think one reason for that is that there were no TVs and I don't remember piped in music either.

I'm guessing I'm not the only customer brought in by the recent "bad" publicity the chain has been getting.

Gringo said...

In addition, McCarthyism could also be renamed Reidism. Senator Harry Reid has claimed that Mitt Romney hasn't paid his taxes for 10 years. Reid claims that some Bain source has provided him that information, but will not say who.

I have the names of 50 people in the State Department who are Commies.

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