Saturday, September 24, 2011

Time Out

I commented during interleague play this summer that the Red Sox were whining about not having the DH.  Where does that come from?  That's been the case since interleague play began.  Worse, Terry Francona seemed to be encouraging this childish attitude. Incidents are coming back to me now - Ortiz breaking in on a Francona interview to complain about an official scorer; Crawford signalling that Varitek had called him out; multiple players out of shape and for the third straight year, too many injuries (the two are often connected); the sense of panic over the last month in late innings, swinging at pitches early in the count;  Francona staying with pitchers too long because it would insult them to be taken out.*

It's hard to refrain from rooting for the team you have always treasured.  But I am increasingly not rooting for this team.  They are entitled, spoiled whiners (exceptions apply).  I want them to go to time out, like your child, who you love but needs to get the message. Go sit in your room until you are willing to admit what you did wrong.

*Check the Weilland stats for first 25 pitches versus second 25 pitches.


Bomber Girl said...

Nice game tonight. Just sayin'.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

I have no explanation. But I don't like how they're handling it.

Bomber Girl said...

Attitude usually starts at the top. Although not always.