Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Am Second

My son's department at The Woodlands United Methodist Church has uploaded a series of videos. These are not solo projects of Ben's but he did a lot of them. Their YouTube channel is here They have done this as part of a larger program "I Am Second." I don't pretend to know much about that. Ben speaks highly of it.


Ben Wyman said...

Travis' interview is also excellent, if anyone's poking around.

This interview, Chris', was interesting. Chris is a great guy and I like him a lot, but I felt I had to be cautious while interviewing him because he's clearly put up walls over the course of his life. He wears earbud headphones with no music coming out of them at all times, for example.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

That suggests a person who finds everyday events overstimulating. Those who have abuse histories often have their cortisol levels screwed up as young children and overreact to events - think of the kids at the orphanage, and especially at the abandoned babies room at the hospital in Beius. You see it in the ADD and autism spectrums (spectra?), which are more genetic/prenatal in origin. When it gets really bad, peopl;e wear sunglasses indoors. Earbuds are a pretty functional solution.