Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Oh Foolish Galatians

I will be leading a book study at church this fall, and I am 90+% certain I'm doing Galatians, one chapter at a time, then something from the next 3 books for the second half of the class.  I do almost as well on the fly as I do with careful planning,* so leaving that open is not a problem, but an adventure.  In my initial browsing, following a rather obscure trail I am unlikely to feature much in the class, I ran across this by NT Wright, which impressed me greatly.

I had liked Wright before, but I have noticed previously that you get really excited about an author when you are looking for an answer, and his is on the top shelf.

*Actually, that is unknown.  I've never done careful planning.


Dubbahdee said...

"...I do almost as well on the fly as I do with careful planning"

*snork. *snicker.

on the fly is your plan.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

A base calumny, circulated by my enemies.

Anonymous said...

Luther's commentary on Galatians is a legendary must read.

Caution. Luther has a sharp tongue.

Unknown said...

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