Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SAT Proposal

Steve Sailer has a proposal for eliminating some of the gaming of the college-entrance system by heightening reliance on the Educational Testing Service's AP exams.  You do have to read a ways before you get to that part.  If you are not used to Sailer's discussions on this issue, he has written volumes on Asian-American ascendance, test-prep, grade inflation, and predictive value.  He has also done his homework, so please hesitate before rejecting some of his statements out-of-hand.

The SAT issue used to be bigger in this house.  Not so much anymore.  I also wonder, as the payback value of all but the elite colleges declines, whether this is going to matter much at all in 20 years.

Speaking of "in 20 years" thinking, we will soon see a generation of children which does not need to learn to drive.  My granddaughters likely will, but I don't know how far beyond that the skill will need learning, particularly at that price.  Automated freeways are people's first thought, but automated parking will probably be just as valuable.

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