Friday, November 14, 2008

The Truth Seeps Out

Neo-neocon has done a bit of useful research, combining news stories from the past few days that should have been released by the major news outlets, but oddly, were held until after the election. Now It Can Be Told, was posted yesterday.

The usual right blogosphere take on these stories is that the MSM is attempting to regain some credibility they lost being in the tank for Obama. That may be part of their motivation, but I think a further, probably unconscious manipulation is underway. I think they are trying to reduce the public's expectations about Obama. To themselves, they are likely rationalising it as "People need to know these things in order to have an informed perspective." They likely don't see it as covering for Obama. They're just trying to be helpful, y'know, and inject some common sense into the discussion.


Anonymous said...

You may be right, in that a controlled release will be more helpful to Obama than a further delayed one. But might there not be a more fundamental one that it's a demonstration of media power (we made you we can unmake you).

At the time of the inevitable first stumble, the media can help him or kneecap him. Also there will be careers to be made by being the first to be a "maverick", so he needs to pay protection.

Unknown said...

I don't put it down to credibility, they believe in their heart of hearts they have that already.

I put it to simply ratings and circulation and what keeps the cash flow going.

Don't expect major revelations, but just enough to attract eyeballs