Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Song Of The Aged Social Worker

Buck Up, Little Soldier
(To the tune of “Wake Up, Little Susie”)

Buck up, little soldier
Buck up, little soldier
Uh, why you gotta blame your mama?
Why you gotta blame your pa?
Why you gotta blame your friends because you
Got no job?
Buck up little soldier,
Buck up little soldier.

1. My girlfriend said that she would cut me loose.
It wasn’t what you’d really call abuse.
She screamed and started to run.
I was fooling around with a gun.
It wasn’t loaded,
It just exploded
So why’d they call 9-1-1?


2. They pulled me over for excessive speed.
I don’t do drugs it’s just my daily weed.
Don’t have a license and then,
No registration again.
Hey can’t you see
That it wasn’t me?
That pipe belongs to a friend



Dubbahdee said...

On the TV show "The Unit" Sgt Major Jonas Blaine is confronting his nephew about his out of hand behavior in slapping his wife. The young corporal blames his actions on PTSD. He says it defiantly, then spits out

"I bet you don't think PTSD exists, do you?"

Jonas responds:

"Oh no son. I know it exists. I just know YOU can't afford it."

Anonymous said...

I'll leave the first verse to the real judges in District & Superior Court. The second one comes my way. Send him over, I'll make sure he doesn't drive for a long time.