Monday, November 24, 2008

New Game

From Tigerhawk, who calls it Six Degrees of Hitler

Here is the task set before you:

1) Go to Wikipedia.
2) Click any random link on there.
3) You have five clicks to reach Hitler's article.


Varying levels of difficulty.

Easy Mode: Any links

Nightmare Mode: No Country Links

Hell Mode: No Country or Date links

My first tries, starting with my last wikipedia lookup:
Colin Renfrew, Proto-Indo-Europeans, Aryan Race, Adolph Hitler.

From today's wikipedia front page: Waitaha Penguin, Proceedings of the Royal Society, Human Biology, Freiherr von Blomberg, Adolph Hitler.

Have a go at it.


terri said...

Eastern imperial eagle--Heraldry--Roman Catholic Church--World War II---Adolph Hitler

not sure if the RCC would fall under "country" or not. They do have Vatican City, after all.

Sam said...

I clicked random article...
Robb Armstrong (creator of Jump Start comic strip) -- Charles M. Schulz -- World War II -- Adolph Hitler


Kurt said...

I followed Sam's example and clicked on a random article: John Lanzendorf -- University of Chicago -- Edward H. Levi -- World War II -- Adolph Hitler.

GraniteDad said...

Magic Kingdom > Walt Disney >Red Cross > Nazi > Adolph Hitler

GraniteDad said...

Louis C. Wyman > World War II > Adolf Hitler

GraniteDad said...

this is awesome

Kurt said...

two more:
Plato--Oligarchy--Form of Government--Dictatorship--Hitler

Zipper--Tent--Armies--German Army--Hitler

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Now make it harder. You can't use WWII as your next-to-last, because it's too easy to get to.

Chris said...

competition cup (FA)
Summer Games
Adolf Hitler

Anonymous said...

Adolf Hitler