Wednesday, January 30, 2008


It has been amusing for this conservative to watch Democrats fall upon each other like jackals, and in particular to sense their anger at having their usual rhetoric used on themselves, but there is some unraveling going on on the Republican side as well. Believe me, I can understand why conservatives might not support John McCain, but people - take a breath. "There's no difference between McCain and the Democrats...McCain is friends with Hillary, that tells you everything you need to know..."

Tell me you think he's not a true conservative. Tell me you think he's an opportunist. Tell me you think he's not a strict constitutionalist. Fine. But keep it real, people.

Otherwise, we start to sound like, like... well, like the president of the NY chapter of NOW, who called Teddy Kennedy's support for Obama "the ultimate betrayal." Ultimate. Betrayal. Kathleen, bring the bucket! Mither's havin' the hysterics again!


@nooil4pacifists said...


To the same point, I recommend Noemie Emery's "The Wages of Sensitivity" from the January 28th Weekly Standard.

Ben Wyman said...

My Ron Paul friend espoused that exact same view yesterday.