Sunday, January 06, 2008

Penultimate Primary Post

Fred does not seem to be surging, though the reports are he did very well in the debate.

Two have asked who I would vote for if I were a Democrat. I have already noted that I would be suicidal. Applying the same logic I have before, I wonder what I would do, voting for floor instead of ceiling, and voting on the War in Iraq and the GWOT as my main issues. If we speculate that a Democrat elected would be immediately and intentionally tested more than once by terrorist organizations, some overtly, some more subtly, then the only one of the Democrats likely to pass any of those tests in Hillary. She might go as high as 50-50 on passing. Richardson may be the least corrupt - Barack "Rorshach" Obama is clean only by Illinois standards. It would also be nice if we let him run a golf tournament or something before we tried him out as president. Edwards is more deceitful than Clinton, though I don't think he is in her league for corruption.

Some conservatives have allowed that an Obama election might at least move Jackson and Sharpton off the top of the hill as black spokesmen, and that would be worth something. That's a roll of the dice, to my mind.

No decision. I stand whimpering in the face of this choice.

Vote Defensively. There are a lot of liberals out there at the polls.

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Anonymous said...

I watched all of the Republican and then some of the Democratic debates. Then channel surfed to see what various TV commentators had to say. One (can't recall who) thought Thompson slept through the debate. I didn't think he was that bad but to me he was totally impressive in his very generic remarks. Very unGipper-like, if that's who we're supposed to be thinking of whenever he speaks. akafred