Saturday, January 26, 2008

More Irony

Only 20% of Democratic voters in South Carolina considered the War in Iraq to be the most important issue. The general War on Terror doesn't even register.

It's easy to forget your opponent's reasoning a year later - we all have a harder time following an uncongenial argument - but how do you forget your own? Do Democrats wake up every morning with no memory of what they said a few months ago, like some ginormous Alzheimer's Party?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, they do.

The saying has it that conservatives think liberals are naïve, while liberals think conservatives are evil. But I am beginning to suspect that liberals' real problem is that they're immature, and the ignorance and naivete follow from that.

Alzheimer's (and memory loss in general) happens when established neuronal pathways begin to break down. I would suggest that liberals' memory issues have more to do with a failure to establish them in the first place.

Kelly (Sorry for the anonymous, but it's impossible for me to log using blogger right now.)