Thursday, May 18, 2017

Test Prep

Over on the sidebar, Bethany accurately describes the anxiety leading up to final exams.

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Donna B. said...

I can't quite relate. For science (and programming) classes, I either knew I was prepared and not worried or knew I was unprepared and wondered how much I could "guess". In those classes, more often than I expected, I guessed well enough to pass as long as the test wasn't heavy with math. I'm guessing Bethany's tests are heavy with math.

I like taking tests. Long ago, I passed (barely) the Texas CDL driving test without any prep. I was killing time and it didn't cost much to take it then. I've since heard it's not that easy now -- no more straight up multiple choice.

In "soft" courses with essay questions, I found it rather easy to BS my way through with minimal recall of the instructor's "touchy points". I probably was not a very good student.

I cannot recall anxiety or panic about taking a test. I can recall looking forward to them -- especially chemistry. The hard part for me there was waiting for the grading to see how I did.