Saturday, March 11, 2017


I used to put out links once a week, but that was years ago.  But i have a collection and it seemed appropriate.

Baliocene Apocrypha  Seems to be a young man with a proper mix of independence and humility. Also writing a fantasy novel, he says.  Today he writes about the incentives and strategies for SJW's on campus. I read a few of the featured articles by others, also good.

Grim links to female Kurdish soldiers in honor of International Women's Day. Nice. I first encountered IWD as Ladies' Day in 1998, in Romania.  The point was to make sure that every female got flowers from someone. Reminiscent of Dave Burge's description of leftism in general: 1.  Identify a respected institution. 2. Kill it.  3. Gut it.  4. Wear its carcass as a skin suit while demanding respect.

Graph Paper Diaries reports on taking a course in Bullshit.

West Hunter has initiated an interesting discussion comparing the technological/cultural attainments of East vs West, c. 1700. Many commenters are pushing that back to 1500 or even 1300.

My apologies for breaking my own rule about sites or organisations with the word "truth" in their title - always suspect.  As expected, the slant is troublesome, but the basic information seems to be correct: some Democrats advocating for lowering the voting age to 17. No. Raise it to 21. Maybe 25.  The argument "they are our future" is absurd.  Four-year-olds are even more our future, that's not the point. The description of the most educated of our 20-year-olds as sophomores is not merely amusing.  It is true.  It was certainly true of me, even back in the Good Olde Days when schools were supposedly high-quality. 21.  Spread the word.  One way to Make America Great Again.


Grim said...

"Reminiscent of Dave Burge's description of leftism in general..."

The first time I read his description, I thought to myself: "What a weird image. What could he possibly mean by that? It's so grotesque."

Now, of course, I completely understand what he meant by it.

jaed said...

It's possible that you need to have seen both "The Silence of the Lambs" and "Men in Black" to nod in recognition the moment you read that description.

Texan99 said...

Right, the "girl suit" and the "Earl suit."

One of the Maggie's Farm editors commented that we should consider lowering the voting age to 4; 4-year-old have a lot of unmet needs, if that's the standard. For that matter, fetuses are our future. Can they at least be allowed to vote, by proxy if necessary, on whether they'll be allowed to live?