Monday, January 11, 2016


"Most Muslims aren't like that.  The Muslims I know aren't like that," said my American coworker.  I think that is much truer for American Muslims than European.  It's a small percentage.

But maybe that's why you shouldn't bring in a million at once.


james said...

Some things don't scale well. Some things burn fine in small amounts, but detonate when you try to burn a lot at once.

Texan99 said...

Most raw eggs aren't contaminated, but if I make up a batch of mayonnaise for the whole city in one night, with no time or expertise to weed out the bad eggs, I'm asking for trouble. We can't let in a million of anybody, knowing that their culture harbors a seriously dangerous cohort of eelbrains, unless we do it slowly and deliberately enough to weed out the eelbrains. I think this style of thinking drives progressives nuts, though, because of the implicit judgment that the current Middle East culture includes a noticeable sliver of people we really don't want to share the streets with, whereas the progressive would argue that our own culture is comparably contaminated, probably with potential CEO-types who believe in material gain or white supremacy or something.

RichardJohnson said...

But maybe that's why you shouldn't bring in a million at once.

Especially since the INS has done a poor job of screening for jihadists.

I would prefer to be called a live bigot than a dead multiculturalist.

I find it interesting that according to progs, those who object to Islam are bigots,racists or Islamophobics, whereas progs consider enlightened those who object to Christianity or certain sectors of Christianity.

Disclaimer: I am not a churchgoer.

jaed said...

There is also the "safety in numbers" argument: if a group is a tiny minority, they will naturally be more circumspect and careful about offending than if they are a larger minority, with entire neighborhoods and districts where they dominate. If the group does have any unpleasant cultural characteristics, these are far more likely to be expressed where they have larger numbers.

Especially if the leaders where they live have made it clear that they are protected and privileged, more or less no matter what they do. And even more so if their culture includes a bent toward domination of outsiders, and explanations of how this is to proceed in situations where they're outnumbered. It's really a perfect-storm situation in Germany right now.