Wednesday, June 04, 2014

That Angelou Quote

A particular quote of Maya Angelou's, of people not remembering your words, but remembering how you made them feel, is making the rounds just now.

It is deeply true.  So true, in fact that even when it is subtle, when you are being sneakily insulting, deceptively critical of others, pretending to kindness and innocence and "speaking truth to power" when you wish to shame others, it is still remembered by the insulted more for the tone than for the content. And when those who call you out on this are further vilified as haters, it's still true.

Just sayin'


Sam L. said...

Kinda like how I feel having heard Obama speak. He doesn't like me.

HMS Defiant said...

which is why i both stopped commenting here and coming here for the longest time. It is in no way worth it.

Assistant Village Idiot said...