Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Won't Be Getting Promoted

There was a Far Side cartoon of a classroom of hominids plus one less-gifted simian with the caption "Some of you won't be moving up this year." The Assistant Village Idiot will not be offered any of the vacated or newly-established full-regalia Village Idiot posts coming up in 2014.  I have overthought things again.  I blame the hat. And the song itself, of course.

I immediately concluded she was Death. I brought my wife in to see it. "So. Marriage as death?"

"No, she is Death."

She furrowed her brow and looked at me sideways.

"You don't think so? Hmm. Maybe I'll ask Jonathan and Ben." I watched it again. "No, you're right...not Death..." and really, Death might come as a beautiful woman, but not an adorable one.  Death Be Not Cute. Except maybe in Ireland...

The whiskey is reviewed here.  There are over 400 of these on Youtube.

via Grim's Hall

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Pat Boyle said...

I went to the liquor store last week to pick up a bottle of Tullamor Dew. They were out.

For several years I would never drink 'brown' spirits like bourbon, Scotch or Irish. I had been influenced by James Bond.

But vodka often tastes bad. The best vodka can do usually, is not taste at all.

I hate the taste of Scotch but I like the taste of Irish. This reviewer derides Americans because they like the taste of the major brands of Irish whiskey not properly realizing that these spirits are the product of evil multi national corporations. Americans, he says, don't appreciate bitter and sour whiskeys.

Guilty as charged.