Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Self-Pay at the Doctor's

Texan99 has a remarkable story over at Grim's Hall about going to a new doctor as a self-pay client. We usually just grumble and put up with whatever our insurer and doctor's office - and now, the government - want and sign/pay/shrug. We should pay close attention to those principled/cantankerous/brave enough to do something new.

Well, it's not something new. it's something old, actually. The results are amusing, and revealing. Most people aren't going to do things like things.  But I see it as an analog to homeschooling or going off-the-grid for electricity.  It's a combination of Reason and Mother Earth News magazines about health insurance.

Has anyone been following what the sixteen different opinions about Obamacare have been over at Mother Earth News, BTW?  There are a lot of liberals over there, but they aren't usually obedient liberals. Maybe I should look into that.

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Sam L. said...

Kevin Drum seems pretty obedient, to me.