Saturday, February 05, 2011

Video Voting

So I'm one of the actors in a video. Lots of facial expression here.

Funny thing how this came about. Instapundit mentioned a video contest for young filmmakers illustrating the national debt. So I forwarded it to my son and his younger friend Stephen Byrd, also a filmmaker. I send anything like this on without filter - they're adults and can decide whether they want to do it or it holds no interest. The younger friend, also a friend of mine, actually, decided to enter. Forty-eight hours before the deadline, he gave it up, bereft of ideas. Yet one came to him on the last day, and he resolved to put it together.

He called at 4:40PM to talk about it, and by 4:41 mentioned that he needed actors, and could Kyle and I help him out? Sure, sounded like fun - we could maybe do Monday or Tuesday. No, he meant like tonight. Like could we leave now?

Well, we did. Arrived at 5:15, set up by 5:30, no script, props just grabbed from behind the counter at the lube shop where it was filmed. Four or five scenelets, two takes each, out by 6 and Kyle was only a little late for youth group. This movie making stuff is easy. Piece o'cake, as Ben says.

The video made the finals. It's leading in the voting. So go on over and vote for Stephen's video and help that newlywed win money. Unless you like one of the other four videos better, which you won't. If this voting period is closed, another one comes up tomorrow. Seven days in all.

I think you'll figure out which character is me without much trouble. Kyle plays the son in middle years. As for the facial animation, that's pretty much how I am in real life. Most of the Wymans are pretty heavy on tones of voice and expressive eyebrows, actually. Whenever I see myself on film I am reminded of nothing so much as my brother.

I can't find anywhere that there's a category for Best Actor, though.


terri said...

I totally voted for you guys! And not just because you said so. The video you're in is probably the best one, though the one by Matthias Shapiro was good also.

The others were way too serious and ominous.

Texan99 said...

Yours was the best hands down. I didn't even have to examine my conscience!

Sam L. said...

Personalized. That's the way you do it. Humor, implied. Point, made. Vote, got my.

Sturgill is now leading,though, and his was good.

MaxedOutMama said...

The Stephen Byrd video is shown as not available!

Assistant Village Idiot said...

There may be a break period every day that resets for once-only voting per day. Works fine now.

I don't think they are available through youtube directly until after the contest. You can only play them on the know-Y site.

MaxedOutMama said...

Thanks. I did vote for Fabulous Fred's Frozen Fantasies. Fantasies about sums it up, I guess.

I'm guessing that you are, er, the oldest? (A very young-looking oldest, of course.)