Monday, February 15, 2010

Paul Is Dead

Kyle, our eight-grader, has recently become a Beatles fan, especially the Sgt Pepper album. I was trying to explain to him the Paul Is Dead urban legend, figuring that the obvious silliness would be entertaining. Looking for a link about the episode, I discovered an amazing and disquieting thing. A whole new generation of fans believe it.

Oh by the way, Barack Obama's birth certificate has a walrus on it. And if you listen to the end of George Bush's first speech after 9/11 you can hear him saying "I buried Giuliani."


Kyle Walker said...

This is just ridiculous

Eneils Bailey said...

"Paul Is Dead"

Actually, Paul never existed. So, he did not have to die.
The person you and other people refer to as "Paul" is an illusion foisted upon the world by the entertainment industry and general media types with the use of magic and media editing devices.
The person that is passed off as "Paul" is really a 75 year old East Ender named Nigel Scutney. He got his start in show business cleaning up the poop and wiping clean the butts of Queen Elizabeth's Welsh Corgi's.
You can verify this by calling Buckingham Palace and speaking with the Queen. Don't call between the hours of 7AM-4PM every weekday. The queen works first shift as a door greeter at the London WalMart.

akafred said...

All you need to know in life is "the walrus was Paul."

Sam L. said...

You left out the best parts, man.

Of course, "they" would have you killed if you'd told. (IYKWIMAITYD)