Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ABBA Costumes Galore!

I don't recall the song, and I don't generally prefer videos that are just slideshows of stills. But I need to boost traffic with another ironic ABBA post, and this video does include stills of my all time favorite ABBA costumes, the Superhero/Ren Faire/Porn Star set.


Gringo said...

Maybe the ABBA couples broke up from the stresses of so many costume changes. Some of those costumes look more fit for Halloween than any other time.

Say what you will about pop stardom, those ABBA women had fine voices. They could sing me the breakfast menu as far as I am concerned.

While I never "voted for" ABBA by paying money for their music, I have fond memories of their music. I associate it with working in Argentina. The disco across the street from our staff house played a lot of ABBA. The restaurant where we ate played Chiquitita over and over again. Was it the only song they played?

Sam L. said...

Dang, they were BABES. And I paid them no heed. WHAT was I thinking?

gyy said...

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