Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sheep Among Wolves

Retriever sent this link along, wondering if it is appropriate, commenting on the fear and trembling of a new Christian (writing in Salon, no less) among her anti-religious friends.

Yes, it's appropriate. I don't link to you often enough. And the photo of the Lamb ornament was perfectly placed.


jaed said...

Considering the comments, she might have been wiser to publish this piece somewhere other than Salon. Yikes.

akafred said...

Approaching 500 comments from charged up readers, one has to wonder if the Solon editors stumbled across Ada as great "reader bait" or strategically sought her out. Next up: "Happy suburban Republican father comes out of the closet."

Retriever said...

Thanks,AVI. I felt so sorry for her, getting such a vicious reaction.