Sunday, November 04, 2007


I am of course pleased with the Patriot victory over the Colts, but I still believe the possibility of a 16-0 season is less than 50%. The Steelers and Giants are both good teams, and the Eagles, Bills, and Ravens are all at least capable teams. There's a reason no one has gone undefeated since 1972: it's very difficult. That season, the Jets, Vikings, and Steelers all came close to beating Miami, and the 14-7 Super Bowl win over the Redskins was no blowout. The 1962 Packers and 1985 Bears are often listed among the greatest ever, but each had a midseason loss.


Anonymous said...

I took particular interest in the 1972 Dolphins since I had spent my freshman year at Univ. Miami in 1967-68 and followed the team's seasons for many years thereafter. It was heady times for Dolphin fans. It would be interesting here in New England if the Patriots reached that level of success. I've explained to some of my co-workers based in other parts of the country (Denver for one) that I'm certainly old enough to recall when the Red Sox AND Patriots gave fans little to cheer about. Heck, back then we'd root for some teams called the Celtics and Bruins. Are they still around I wonder?

Unknown said...

Yes, but S/B VII was not a close game either; the Redskins scored on the craziest, most famous play in pro football hx.

Uh, the Patriots have won 3 S/B.
You can rest assured the Dolphins would trade the perfect season for a third ring. It's not even close.