Friday, June 03, 2022


I have been chewing on a long post about public safety and what is proper for a culture to do about it, because there are disagreements and thoughts go in many directions.  I had not much thought of gun laws in that context, but of course those are pertinent. For those who don't usually go over Grim's recent post Addendum illustrates how the proposed legislation might be more dangerous for black people, including black children, creating a worse situation for them than now exists, even without looking at the rights issues that make the proposals unconstitutional.   You may find that you need to reed the previous post Dear Senator for context.

I again note that I am not a gun owner and have no interest. I have simply learned over time that the reasoning and use of statistics behind gun regulation are at best mistaken and more likely intentionally deceitful.  It is a cultural battle, based on naive beliefs about what causes violence.

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