Monday, June 06, 2022

Recommendation for Locals

I have had Maine Lunch, an IPA from the Maine Beer Company, at a few restaurants, especially out near the coast. I like it quite a bit. I usually opt for NH breweries, then Maine, then Massachusetts, then Vermont. I have sprung for the Brooklyn Beer Co's lager a few times - and am not utterly opposed to Connecticut and Rhode Island, but generally don't have to consider them.

I also get Guinness or Boddington's at times - mostly for nostalgia - or whatever is local to where I am traveling. The rest of the world is on its own.


sykes.1 said...

What!? No Narragansett? Hi Neighbor! Have A 'Gansett!

And remember Curt Gowdy, and afternoon Sox games on the radio.

I also liked Ballantine's Ale

Assistant Village Idiot said...

I will have a Ballantine's, yes. And it's still cheap. Gansett turns out to be just another American lager. I bought it for a while for nostalgia's sake.

My own grandfather drank Carling Black Label, "from the shores of Lake Cochituate," but I didn't like it. Of course, that was when I mostly drank only American lagers, decades ago, so it might be okay.