Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Solitude and Silence

We talked about these at Men's Night.  I should get some of both, but they are elusive.


james said...

Neither is found on the net.

"Net" isn't just a description of its nature, but also of its action. Don't ask how I know.

Sam L. said...

Depends a lot on how big/small the mesh is in the net.

PenGun said...

I have been alone for about 25 years now. I can recommend it for a simple life.

I wander my mountains, well when the smoke in my sky goes away, I do. It is my favourite thing to do and I love the wilderness, logged in this part of the world, a great deal. Just me and the bears mostly. Its rare that I run into a person, and the ones you find up the mountain are usually pretty fine people.

Its not silence, but its quiet up there, and you can hear well into the bush surrounding you. Its wonderful really.