Tuesday, September 08, 2020

NH Colleges

If you look at this map and remember which towns didn't have any cases as recently as a week ago, you can tell which colleges have brought students to campus and which ones are entirely online.  I got Hanover wrong, though. Half their students arrived today. So we'll see. Of course it might be hard to tell with Plymouth unless they receive a lot of infected kids, as thw hole area is underpopulated and has few cases.

I think everyone's guess is that college students aren't in much personal danger even if they get C19, but also aren't going to be great at social distancing. In general, of course.  Some will be of ultra-cautious disposition, whatever their age.

I think NH would be under 200 cases total otherwise.  If you really want to have some map fun, knowing your counties, you can see which county nursing homes and houses of correction, often in the same town and near each other, have problems with cases, so that small towns are showing a surprising number of cases.

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PenGun said...

You have managed to add almost 250,000 cases in the last week.