Wednesday, September 02, 2020


Related to the previous post, and deniability.

Of course a fist in your symbol implies violence.  Why else would you use it, except to show that someone is willing to use violence?  This is not to say that everyone who uses that symbol intends on doing violence.  People generally don't think that clearly and trace things back.  It likely is more of a feeling, a feeling of "We are serious and we are angry!" Yes, serious.  Yes angry. And a fist symbolises this...why?

It may not be conscious, but it's not an accident.


Texan99 said...

Remember how upset people were when Sarah Palin put a bullseye image in an ad? It was intended, I assume, to get across the idea of accuracy and focus, but for a lot of people it was inextricably linked to assault by firearms (or at least Robin Hood's bow, I guess, or a dart thrown in a bar). I'd like to give the fist symbol the benefit of the doubt and say it's associated with a kind of "right on" attitude, or that gesture people use at sporting events (if memory serves) with the "whomp whomp" sound effects.

PenGun said...

How about my new warlike picture? I have used it for decades elsewhere. ;)