Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Personal Use

NFL Lineman with 157 lbs of pot. I have sympathy for guys with chronic pain using marijuana.  The data doesn't support the idea that it helps them with their pain, but they think it does, and that in itself is part of pain management. People believe a lot of inaccurate things, and we have to look at the level of damage.

People outside the mental health field don't get it about the higher risk for psychotic disorders and worse outcomes for anxiety and affective disorders with marijuana use, but I understand that not everyone follows the science on these things closely.  Most people who use, use occasionally, and have little difficulty.  We all know some, whether we know it or not. The  minority who use and rapidly become heavy users are invisible to the rest of us.  Their lives fall apart, but we don't see those, much as we do not apprehend high-functioning alcoholics, though they are all around us.

But 157 lbs, when you are drawing an NFL salary?  No excuse for that.


james said...

Interesting. I wonder if he just loves money, spends through his salary too quick, or enjoys the business.

Unknown said...

After hearing reports from family about a different professional sports person's party in an Air-BNB adjacent to one of their friends homes, my first thought was that shared between two professional sports persons, it might be for personal use - if you include "the parties they thow" in the definition of personal.

This is the first time I've noticed in a news report that a drug dog signaled on a vehicle that was moving past it. I'm not entirely sure that I believe that.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

@ Unknown. You are reasonable to question "drive-by sniffing," OTOH, 157 lbs is a fair bit.

james said...

That would be one heck of a big affair. According to heavy users smoke 5grams/day. 157 pounds would come to 14,000 doses! (Let me check that: 71kg, at 2 joints/gram is about 140,000 joints.)

And if an oz is about a liter, 157 pounds would be 2500 gallons, unless the stuff is compressed somehow.

With that much, I wonder if the dog really could smell a slow-moving car!

Or, they might have the weight wrong.

Unknown said...

"about 140,000 joints"

Well, shows how much I know about such things; i.e.: not much at all.

james said...

Unknown--all I know is what I read on the web, mixed with a little arithmetic. And some vague recollections of the drug session at "Citizen's Academy." (Citizen's Academy was fun, and a bit embarrassing--try to find all the people hiding in a warehouse, or drive a squad car though the cone maze. I automatically look for road features, not cones.)