Sunday, December 03, 2017

Dogs That Didn't Bark

Documents long held confidential about the JFK assassination were released recently.  I expected there to be a significant uptick in old conspiracy theorists dragging out their wares and placing them out on table in the market for buyers to peruse. There was a flurry about some little thing in the first day or so.  I don't even recall what. I haven't heard anything since thing, suggesting that there really isn't anything to add.  Dogs would be barking, but there are no dogs barking. It is a shortcut I am taking, because researching this doesn't rise to level of importance. 

The whole Seth Rich story rose up and died down months ago. There was a thought that because he was a strong possible of who leaked the DNC emails that his death may not have been accidental. It all seemed like a Robert Ludlum novel right out of the gate.  There were odd details about the robbery.  The work of a private detective kept the story going for a while. But his parents said it wasn't true, and liberals said it was mean to pursue it because of that. (Though in a Robert Ludlum novel, the parents would also have been threatened, so why would their opinion be decisive?) Whatever agency was investigating it determined that there was no need to go further and dropped it. Anyone bringing it up afterward was dismissed as a paranoid right-winger. Until Donna Brazile, of all people brought it up again. She barked. She was worried that her life was in danger because of the information she was revealing about Democrats, and specifically referenced Seth Rich. So she thought her own people capable of this, enough to say it right out loud.

But since then no other dogs have barked.  There are people much more paranoid and obsessed than I am out there who have informed themselves about all this and run through the various speculations.  I have to figure if there were some reason to bring this back they would be trying to work it in at every turn. I use my shortcut again. Researching this does not rise to any level of importance for me. I rely on the fact that no dogs are barking.

Yet this morning it all got weird.  I had a third example, but the dogs just started barking again. I have a great deal of admiration for the uh, doggedness of Judicial Watch. Real documents which the government doesn't want to release. So maybe whether dogs are barking or not isn't as good a shortcut as I thought.


Texan99 said...

I appreciate JW's willingness to learn how these document battles are conducted, and take every single one of them to court, so the people who might be hiding things learn there's almost no point resisting. If they have the documents, they might as well cough them up. There's an economy of scale there.

Christopher B said...

The problem in your barking/no barking heuristic is accounting for the dogs that have been muzzled.

jaed said...

The story of the Las Vegas shooter has also gotten very quiet. (Narrator: "Too quiet.")

Sam L. said...

Jaed said, (Narrator: "Too quiet.") It's too quiet out there. The natives MUST be up to something. (I love jungle movies.)

james said...

"When drums stop, very very bad."
"But why?"

Sam L. said...

Those DRUMS!! They're driving me MAD. MAD, do you hear?? MADDDD.

(Slap) Thanks. I needed that.

Unknown said...

" The tour leader found the guide, grabbed him by the shoulders and screamed "Whats happening!?" The guide frozen in place and staring into the distance slowly whispered: "When drums stop, VERY, VERY bad," The tour leader shook the guide and begged "YES! YES! But why is it bad? What happens when the drums STOP!!!" And with trembling lips and a single tear streaming down his cheek the guide spit out the words "Bass solo."

I find it hard to believe that pasting James' quotes into Google only nets two pages containing them. I thought this joke was right up there in popularity with the one about leaving an accordion visible in the back seat of your car.


Texan99 said...

I had to look up the accordion joke, too. There are whole websites devoted to this.

"How is playing an accordion like throwing a javelin blindfolded?--You don’t have to be very good to get people’s attention."

Also: "An accordion is a bagpipe with pleats."

Not that I don't love accordions, just as I love bagpipes, so sue me.

Murph said...

IIRC, it was a Judicial Watch FOIA filing that resulted in the first evidence of any problem with Hillary's SoS emails. It's been pursuing the truth of that & related matters through the legal system ever since.

JW, and its peer, Institute for Justice w/r/t civil asset forfeiture, are institutions that represent the interests of us little folk who have not the resources to do so individually. I've been following the work of each for some years now, and IMHO, each is well-worthy of whatever contribution one might be able to make.

PS: Unfortunately, as with so many other worthy organizations, each also inundates contributors with numerous, frequent, and bothersome subsequent solicitations. It's completely put me off making additional contributions. :-(