Saturday, October 15, 2016


I went to my 45th HS reunion.  Very pleasant.  I didn't hear the words "Trump" or "Hillary" all night.  the only person to make jerk comments was me.


herfsi said...

ah, but did you have to hear your high school team name/mascot mentioned? (the local equivalent of hearing presidential candidate names:) you were good to attend. we both graduated in the 70s:)

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Manchester Central is nicknamed the Little Green (as contrasted to Dartmouth Big Green). So no problem there,

Sam L. said...

I have missed all of mine. I did attend two of my wife's.

Texan99 said...

I've never been to a reunion, but we're planning to attend one just after the election--a gathering of a bunch of people we used to live with. I'll be interested to see if the discussions are any more civil with the results already in. I've already sworn off discussing the election with any of these people on Facebook. I'm practicing a bland imperturbability.

RichardJohnson said...

I haven't been to a high school reunion, but I have made 3 trips during the Obama era to my home area in NE. There are still a fair number of my crowd in my home area, or within an hour's drive. The visits have been short but intense- a week of nearly nonstop conversing each time.

I have refrained from discussing politics, as I am a heretic by home area standards. [Heresy began early. In a mock Presidential election in high school , I was the only one in the school to vote for Harold Stassen. And I was a politics hound.]

In discussing old classmates, one friend noted that a classmate living in the mountain states was a Tea Party supporter. I replied that I wasn't far from being a Tea Party supporter myself. My friend replied that was because I lived in Texas. I replied that on the contrary, the foundations for my political views were set before I lived in Texas. He had to leave to attend a town meeting that he was chairing, so the conversation stopped there.

From what I heard of the last high school reunion, some things don't change. A former friend who by the end of high school was an insufferable braggart was still an insufferable braggart at the reunion- even his brother told me so. Though he did have some things to brag about, it must be admitted.

While I haven't been to a high school reunion, I have pretty much kept in touch with those whom I wanted to keep in touch.