Friday, July 29, 2016

Grim At the Protests

Grim from my sidebar went to the DNC protests.  You may want to keep up with his posts over the next couple of weeks.


herfsi said...

did you see the recent firing over a facebook post - a weatherman upset with what the DNC was doing - how come whenever someone's fired over a facebook post it's never someone who posted something "liberal/left-ish?"

Grim said...

I'd be happy to entertain questions here, as well, if your readers prefer. The Hall has its own community, and some may be more comfortable here.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Grim, I am think of GKC's What I Saw In America or similar thoughts. Or you could refresh your PJ O'Rourke knowledge and go that route. Thanks for the flexibility.

@ herfsi - The weatherman was correct that some of the Mothers of the Movement were an implied lauding of clear thugs. I find this infuriating as well. Butwhat I find infuriating is that the guilty are piggybacking on the innocent, not that all of them are not worthy. He should have been more generous to some, not just for the "optics," but for simple justice. That he could not is significant.

It is true that this does not apply in reverse, as the presence of some thug-mothers in the group illustrates. No one at the DNC trimmed the field to remove the obvious cop-haters, in order to protect the feelings of oh, the families of the police officers or something.