Monday, July 25, 2016

Discussion Update

I should have mentioned that I believe the authors of Mistakes Were Made would likely at least try to be honest brokers and would have mentioned the Janet Reno connection or chosen better examples than the Crusades or the Shah if they had known about such. I don't mean to imply any dishonesty on their part.  My distress is that we are in a state of public knowledge that so much that is generally known is actually less than half true.

Also, a humorous note.  In Silver's discussion of how wrong political predictions can be, and how these guys are sometimes just trying to get notices, he singles out Dick Morris specifically for predicting that Donald Trump would run for the Republican nomination and win it - in 2012. What a fool that Morris is, eh?

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Sam L. said...

Nate is the title of Chapter 40 in Don Surber's 'Trump The Press"--it's Nate Silver Tarnished.