Tuesday, February 23, 2016


(There was an Eric Clapton video here, which has apparently been pulled.)

One of the things that white people like is black music that black people no longer listen to.  Jazz.  Early gospel. And The Blues.


RichardJohnson said...

Guilty as charged. Which reminds me of the year I taught 9th grade math. Before the school day began, I put on some music, usually in the jazz or soca realm. One day a student of mine, who happened to be black, requested that I let him put on some music of HIS generation. I consented. Not surprisingly, it was some form of rap/hip hop with a heavy bass. After a minute or so, I took the music off, telling the student I couldn't stand any more of it."You don't like black music." I pointed to a CD of mine, of Lester Young. Surprisingly, the student recognized a song on it- Shoeshine boy.

However, I liked that music 40-50 years ago, when blacks also liked the music.

jaed said...

Mrph. I like white music that white people no longer listen to. (Renaissance polyphony and Baroque other than Bach, mostly.) What does that make me?

Donna B. said...

There's jazz I don't particularly like, but it never makes me want to take an axe to the speakers. Most (not quite all) rap and hip hop have me sharpening the axe in anticipation.

But the absolute worst music I've heard in the past 10-15 years is wimpy, white girls trying to breathily whine a bluesy, angsty vibe while not being able to carry a tune or play an instrument. These *artists* make me want to slit my wrists or drive off a bridge rather than sharpen my axe.

So, rap/hip hop is not my MOST unfavorite music.

But... jaed, what's wrong with Bach?

Sam L. said...

I like blues, big-band jazz and earlier; not much on gospel.

Christopher B said...

My perspective - the Boomers/Gen X have made most popular music into soft rock circa 1975-1985. The only thing different is what's in the laundry after the show. The divide is generational.