Sunday, February 07, 2016


I'm no strategist, but I'm betting that trotting out Madeline Albright to shame young women into voting for Hillary isn't going to have much effect.  The number of women under 30 who have heard of her must be vanishingly small.

BTW, I promised to evaluate the Republican candidates acccording to Jonathan Haidt's moral foundations.  I haven't forgotten, I just can't come up with anything useful to say.  They are all appealing to a conditional fairness, that those who work hardest and play by the rules should get a bit more.  Trump is most vociferous about that, though...

Well, I don't even know what the "though" is.  What he does is different, and I can't define how.

The other moral foundations are all in play with the other candidates, but I'm not seeing much of patterns, except that disgust/sacredness is not as common as it's predicted to be.  I'll tell you if I come up with anything smart.

BTW, I went to see Carly this morning with son and granddaughters.  The eight-year-old is very much in latency and is all in for a woman candidate, so she now has Carly banners in her room.  I liked Fiorina just fine, though she doesn't seem to be getting traction.  I hope she's on every Republican's short list for VP.

For those who are interested, I am voting for Kasich.  I am suspicious of charisma and fond of promises kept. If what we need is return to adulthood an normalcy, then he's the guy.  If what we need is radical rethinking of foreign policy and economic adjustment for a new world, I'm thinking that favors Cruz.  I'm not that fond of him, but "fondness" is not an important criterion.


Jim Cambias said...

You may not have to rate the candidates by Haidt's criteria: Haidt himself has already done it.

Note that this is done on the basis of their supporters, rather than the candidates themselves, but of course I expect each of the candidates, if asked, would swear sincerely that they are strongly concerned about all of Haidt's moral foundations.

Sam L. said...

Have a look at covering Trump and Rubio.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Jim, I always get nervous going to a Vox link that I'm going to be irritated, but the article was very good. Haidt still subtly signals who and what he's rooting for, but he's about as even-handed as we're going to get these days.

james said...

I think it was well said of Trump that he is expert at getting attention. If anything in the news cycle threatened to head elsewhere, he knew how to get the focus back on himself--something outrageous, spectacular--whatever. I gather some suspicious folks thought he was working for the Democrats, because every time a Hillary scandal started to appear in the news, he'd distract the headlines away.

Now that there's been an actual measurement (even if only of a caucus) that skill may not work quite as well. Or maybe it will.

Edith Hook said...

I don't know if turnout will be exceptional across the state, but I got the last parking space and had a bit of a walk. I had to show ID. I won't say who I voted for but I lean away from senator/lawyers and lean towards Governors.
Just speaking for myself, I just long for steady, even handed, practical, competence without all the sneaky dissembling and histrionics.