Sunday, February 14, 2016

Scalia Commentary

I would like to say that it was Scalia's critics who couldn't wait before having to turn Justice Scalia's death into political speculation, while his supporters were more willing to go the full route of discussing his body of work and what they thought it meant in the history of the court.  But conservative sites were often not much better and sometimes no better at all.  The writers at Volokh Conspiracy did very well.  Bernie Sanders was very gracious.

One of my sons was irritated that people couldn't even wait until the second tweet. "It's 140 characters, guys. You can find other stuff to fit in there." My unscientific survey finds that liberal and mainstream media outlets generally went to the political fight aspect in paragraph 2 or 3, conservative outlets in paragraph 3 or 4, with a few of the former and about half of the latter waiting much longer.  In general, those outlets putting out a formal obituary were far better at this, likely because they had had it written already and just loaded it up.

I'm betting National Review does an entire issue on him.

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